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Hi! I’m Stephanie McKenzie. I am fortunate to spend my days immersed in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica engaged in a yogic life. I love sharing this lifestyle with others who are seeking an authentic connection to themselves.

Yogic living has a cumulative effect. This cumulative effect is what I call Yogandia. Yogandia is felt when time blissfully passes. It’s those times when the menial becomes profound. It’s when contentment is experienced and compassion is expressed.

I create yoga infused experiences for those seeking Yogandia. These experiences take shape as private or group immersion, retreats and trainings. I invite you to Costa Rica for an adventurous journey of discovery through yogic living.


Give yourself the gift of a yoga retreat. It will revive your spirit and renew your soul. Immerse  in nature to connect to the Earth and yourself.


Enhance your holiday by including yoga classes in your plans. Individual or groups, beginners or advanced we can all use a yoga holiday.


Immerse yourself in yoga by committing to a yoga teacher training program. Learn how to teach yoga while discovering yourself.

  • This is the sweet soul who made me fall in love with yoga. Her brave vulnerability is what taught me that yoga can lift you up out of the darkest corners of your mind. Her powerful, connected touch during thai massage taught me to love my body and all it's imperfection. The way she saves flies from drowning in water glasses taught me the true meaning of ahimsa. Beyond her brilliantly eclectic style and unending knowledge, she is a person you can trust with your body, with your mind, with your tears, with your joyful celebration. Yes, you will be gently guided to your edges. Yes, you will learn how to breathe through it. Yes, you will be welcomed back to your heart. Yes, it will feel amazing.

  • I had the honor of being Stephanie's student for two weeks in Costa Rica. We practiced twice daily. Her classes are the best I've ever taken. She is so knowledgable in various yoga styles and explains asanas well and will help you move deeper into asanas. Wonderful teacher!

  • Stephanie is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher. She was aware of a wide variety of techniques yet had her own unique practice. Stephanie allowed her students to practice at their own level while exposing students to a variety of poses at different levels.

  • Stephanie (aka"Goo") is an amazing yoga teacher who inspires everyone who comes across her path. Her classes range from challenging vinyasas and breathwork, to deep stretches and guided meditations. You will leave her classes feeling enlightened, encouraged, and in complete bliss.

  • Stephanie is one of the most amazing yoga teachers around. She provided a life changing experience for me when I went to samasati for a week retreat. Her classes always have so much meaning behind them. She offers wisdom to each practice and provides a place where you can truly deepen your practice physically and emotionally. In her classes she pushes you to dig deep and discover your true self and your heart's desire. I came into Stephanie's classes in a state of emotional unrest and left a transformed person with a new, positive, strong outlook on my life and my power.

  • I had the privilege of staying at Samasati on October 19th to 22nd.  I was looking for a place to disconnect, re-energize and do YOGA. My experience was everything and more! I am pretty demanding when it comes to yoga classes, being a teacher myself and conscious of my personal needs, and Stephanie’s classes were everything I wanted and more! She can deliver a journey of self-exploration and self-realization with each class she gives, even when it's not always pretty what a student finds in her personal exploration through yoga.  Yoga in its best is transformative, and thank god there are teachers like Stephanie who dedicate their lives to transform people's lives. She allows her genuine self to be present every time she teaches. Her classes are ALWAYS challenging, whether they are more active, vinyasa yoga or passive, yin yoga. When student is open the magic of yoga happens.

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